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Self-trust is not so much about trusting yourself to know all the answers, nor is it about believing you will always make the right decisions or do the right thing.

Self-trust is about being kind and respectful to yourself regardless of the outcome.

Just as we show compassion and forgiveness to others, we need to show that same compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves.  Trusting ourselves and respecting our opinions helps us to learn, develop and grow.


Try the following suggestions to help develop your self-trust.

  • Give yourself space to feel your feelings without analysing or rationalizing.
  • Create a positive relationship with your inner critic by observing what it says without judgement, and then letting it go.
  • Make self-care a priority. Looking after your own well-being helps avoid and reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • Let go of habits that can undermine your self-trust such as, changing yourinner dialogue, finding balance so your needs are met and knowing your worth.