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The Courage to Heal

Healing isn’t a process that happens by accident, being willing to face the hurts of the past, whether big or small, takes courage.

Choosing to heal can sometimes be scary as it requires us to confront “inner demons” and misbeliefs which can be daunting and draining.  However, being brave enough to heal isn’t about waiting for the fear to subside.  It’s about stepping into the fear and moving through it.

Healing requires being brave enough to act; setting boundaries, self-care, and saying no to things that will deplete your energy or that you’re not ready for.

To all brave souls going through a time of healing, I send you a prayer for strength and healing energy, in the hope you find the courage you need to move forward.

Perhaps some of these actions may be of benefit.


-Nutrient-dense meals

-Restorative sleep

-Meditation / Guided visualization

-Rejuvenating exercise

-Yoga and stretching



-Leisure time and hobbies